- What is the Ghost Tour Rotterdam


Ghost Tour Rotterdam is the most exciting tour trhough Rotterdam. During the tour we will tell stories who highlight the 'dark' side of the city which is not known by a lot of people. 


- Is the Ghost Tour only for tourists?


No, de Ghost Tour is in general for everybody. If you are a toruis, or if you are living in the city for decades the tour is interresting for everyone. The stories are not famous for the big public, and you will definitely discover things about Rotterdam that you were not aware of.


- Is the tour suitable for (young) children?


In general it is. However, some stories can be found scary and shocking by some (young) kids, but in general it is doable with children. Because of the safety we have a minimum age of 12 years, and kids under 15 years old have to be guided by an adult. If you have doubts about wheter or not a tour is suitable for your kid you can contact info@ghosttourrotterdam.nl or cal +31-(0)683058594. If you want to do a tour with your (grand-)child, please contact us in prior, so we can adjust the stories.


- Will I be scared by actors?


No, we don't work with acteurs. The stories are the only 'scary' things at the night. You don't have to be afraid that people or actors with masks etc. jump out of the dark to scare you.


- At which days are the tours in general?


Most of the tours will be on Friday and/or Saturday night. Under the page 'Tours; Ghost Tour' you can find the exact date and time.



- What are the costs, and how can I pay? 


Participating of the Ghost Tour Rotterdam costs €10,-. 

At this moment it is only possible to pay cash at the begining of the tour. 

As of June 2021 it is also possible to pay by card. 


- Does the tour always take place? 


Normaly yes. Only when there is extremely bad weather and when safety can not be guaranteed (think of weatheralarm, thunderstorms, hail) the tour will be canceled. We look at the weather forecast often and we try to contact you as soon as possible when the tour is canceled. 

Please dress you on the weather contions. When it rains we will try to search for coverages during the walk and when the stories are told.

Besides the weather also a (too) small group can be a reason of canceling. When there are less than 4 people who booked the tour, unfortunately the tour will be canceld. You will hear it as soon as possible if this happens.



- How big are the groups?


The groups normally aren't that large. For the tour a minimum of 4 participants is required. Because of safety and we would like to keep the tour personal we strive for no bigger groups of 20 people.


- Where do we meet before the tour starts?


We meet at the statue of Erasmus. This is at Grotekerkplein next to the Sint-Laurenskerk (Saint-Lawrence Church). This location is in the centre of Rotterdam and is easy to reach by both car and public transportation. On the page 'contact' you can find a discribtion how to travel to the location.


- How do I recognize the tour guide?


You will recognize the tour guide by his high black hat and long black coat. He is 'probably' the only one totally dressed in black. 


- My question is not answered?


If your question isn't answered yet, you can ask him by sending an email to info@ghosttourrotterdam.nl or call us on +31(0)630214817