About us

The Ghost Tour Rotterdam is a storrytelling walk focusing on the less exposed side of the city. 

The tour is for both (foreign) tourist als locals, to give them another view on the city than usual. The idea of the Ghost Tour came after examples of the comparable tours in other (foreign) cities. The idea is to give people another view, and to give tourist an special method to get know to the city. As we speak the tour is just in the development stage and are we busy with developing the first tour. The future plan is to develop a second tour, besides the Ghost Tour, for example about the period 1940-1945 to give more people the change to learn more about the history of the city. 
If you have questions, comments or stories we kindly ask to send them to our e-mail. Our e-mail adres is info@ghosttourrotterdam.nl or send them trough the form on th 'contact' page.

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